Persian Iris Mandala by Chatelaine – Progress 3

Last week, I worked on completing the center of the design – lots of plants have been added and Kloster Blocks and tiny light blue Rhodes stitches. Here is the center:

This week I started on the columns that surround the center. They are done in floss with a little Petite Treasure Braid highlights. Instead of starting on another set of columns today, I decided to start the section between the 2 columns. They’re still a lot of that to do.

I can tell already that I’ll be working on this part for the entire month of August. There are 6 more columns to do and what you see above is only the start of what needs to be stitched between the columns. I’ll show you my progress again in 2-3 weeks. For now, here is everything that has been stitched so far. Not too bad for the first month and my first large cross stitch project!

2 responses to “Persian Iris Mandala by Chatelaine – Progress 3

  1. Are you using qsnaps for this project? Between this and your rug you should be very pleased with yourself. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.

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