Persian Iris Mandala by Chatelaine – Progress 5

I have completed all of the columns now that surround the center. I’ve started on the next step – the gold and aqua sections between the columns. One is completed and a second one has been started.

I have also decided to start working on the beading. I won’t do the center star section until the piece is completed, but I’ve added some beads in other areas around the center. There are green beads along the bottom of the plants now. And I’ve started beads in the corners where two columns are fairly close together. I’ll add cross stitches to this area over the next few weeks and try to complete the gold and aqua sections as well. The design is now about 9 inches square.

I’m enjoying working a little cross stitch each week. So much so that I ordered a chart today to do a train for my husband. I also ordered a kit for myself that has an African Elephant surrounded by other patterns and items from Africa. It will be a good companion piece for Safari by Terry Dryden that I did last year. Okay – I’m hooked now! LOL


3 responses to “Persian Iris Mandala by Chatelaine – Progress 5

  1. Ahh, you’ve found the zen of cross stitch. I think you’re making great progress in such a short period of time. It’s nice when that happens considering the fabric count. You’re a natural….

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