In My Wildest Dream by Carolyn Mitchell – Finale

At long last (and before Sept. 15th)!! Working on it just 2 days a week, it has taken 6 months to finish. I really didn’t think it would take that long.

I wanted to learn some new stitches with this project – and I did. Some I really liked and some not so much. This was a challenging project and I loved choosing the various colors and threads to stitch each section. Never a dull moment on this one!

I did’t buy any thread for this project. Carolyn says to use your stash, since you usually have lots of threads in your favorite color scheme. And I did. I used tons of different threads for this, and used up about 20 of them in this project.

I was born in Massachusetts and I remember my father driving up the Mohawk Trail each fall so we could admire the beautiful fall colors, looking down the cascading trees below once we had reached the top. The finale of this piece reminds me of those cascading trees.


9 responses to “In My Wildest Dream by Carolyn Mitchell – Finale

  1. That is stunning! I love the colors. I think I’ll have to stitch this one. Of course, it will take me a lot longer than 6 months!

  2. Congratulations!

    It really does look like fall leaves. Ours are starting to turn here in Maryland. Just a little bit of gold in the leaves wiht more color to come. 🙂


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