Introducing Bab Rissani, Morocco

It’s time to start working on a new design of my own. So a little introduction or explanation is needed. A Bab in Morocco is a city gate. These large, decorative gates are the entrance to the city. In some cases, they lead to the older section of a city – an entrance into a walled city from much older times. Like Bab Mansour in Meknes, Morocco below.

This Bab was built in the 1700s and the large gate in the center is not available for people to walk through except for very special occasions. This gate is covered with zellig tiles across the top of the three gates, of Babs. A more primitive one is the Bab Agnaou, located in Marrakech. I like the simpler design done in cement and brick.

But the one I want to create in needlepoint is one found in Rissani, Morocco – a small city on the Eastern side of Morocco, close to the desert. I never visited there when I lived in Morocco over 40 years ago, but I fell in love with it when I did a search for photos online of Babs in Morocco. This Bab seems more modern than many I’ve seen, and there is actually a road that goes through it, though you see smaller gates for people to walk through as well.

I found a few other photos that were more beige than white, but I like the play of white and light gray to set off the different elements of the gate’s design. I saved the photo and printed it out. I immediately started seeing stitches I could use to create the different parts. I’m still playing a little with the arch, but the rest is ready to go. So I will start some stitching this week and show you my progress next weekend. I’ve been looking forward to this project and I’m glad I finally finished the pattern so I can get started. See you again next weekend.


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