Persian Iris and an Anniversary

Today marks 3 years of the Thread Medley blog. Thank you all so much for browsing my blog and posting comments and encouragement! My life is much richer for all the stitching friends I’ve made through this blog!!

I’m still moving at a snail’s pace. But I did manage to finish the first of the Persian Irises in the corner of the mandala. Still have lots of special stitches to add around the iris. And since I don’t have a special little project to share with you this anniversary, I’ll share an iris.

I know many stitchers have opted to stitch the iris in beads, rather than the silk cross stitches. But this mandala already has over 1,800 beads to sew on. I decided that for my first mandala I didn’t need to do anything else in beads.

Now I’m off to work on Stars now.


7 responses to “Persian Iris and an Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on 3 Years of blogging. I will hit 3 years next May !!! Keep up the good job. I do enjor your blog. I get it e-mailed to me so I don’t miss any postings.

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