Thank you! Plus From Molehill to Mountain

First, thank you to everyone who has visited Thread Medley. It’s been 3 years and 8 days since I started the blog, and with your visits, I’ve reached 100,000 hits today!! You’re awesome!! I’m thrilled you are visiting.

I’ve seen lot of talk about From Molehill to Mountains online. Scarlet Thread is going to do an online class for it. Click the link to their blog with all the details. Several people are talking about doing the project and  Donna has already started working on her version too.

So I thought I would share my completed project of FMTM. I stitched this project in 2005-2006 and it was the first thing we hung on the walls of our new townhouse when we moved in – August of 2006. I used Needle Necessities Passion Flower as my overdue (Threadworx Botanic Gardens now). The other colors are beige, rose and green. The pattern called for 4 shades of each color (I believe) and I added a 5th very light shade of green as the background of the outer border. I love how that turned out.

As others start to stitch, I hope they will post their progress so we can all enjoy this large design.


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