Introducing Elephant

I used to collect little elephants – wood carved, ceramic, glass, etc. So starting a new cross stitch project with an elephant is just natural to me. This will be a good companion to the Safari needlepoint from Terry Dryden that I did last year. This is what is will look like:

I like the designs and little scenes that surround the elephant. Safari has patterns from animals and cloth from Africa. It also had a large wooden mask. This just seems to fit well with that one. I haven’t gotten very far – just an hour at a time a couple times a week. I’ve finally finished the left ear so there is something to look at at last. The tusks have been stitched but they are light-colored and not easily visible. They’ll show up nicely when I get to the body of the elephant – a long time from now.

This is a full kit from Anchor and is being stitched with floss on 14 ct Aida cloth. I’ll continue to work on the face of the elephant next and will also start the design in the top, left corner. No hurry on this. I’m enjoying a casual cross stitch project. I’ve been enjoying this one and the mandala so much that I bought 3 more cross stitch patterns last week. They won’t appear until I have the elephant done, so that will be a while.


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