Finding Inspiration

I know the Tunisian Rug isn’t done yet, but I’m already thinking ahead to the next rug. I’ve wanted to do a Chinese rug for a while now, so this week I started reading and researching. I’ve gone through all the rug books and searched online trying to learn about Chinese rugs, styles, and symbols. My mind is set on blue and white and I’ve found that the rugs I’m drawn to are called Peking rugs.

I’m up for a big change and a challenge this time around. So I thought I’d take you along on the whole process I go through as I work toward a new design. The outer border on this is a form of Meander pattern and is found in many Chinese rugs. This one is a little more complicated than most that I’ve seen. That’s an element that I want to use as one of the borders.

I don’t remember seeing a lot of Chinese rugs that have a blue background in the middle, but there are a lot of them. The element that grabbed my attention here was the outer border, again. Each segment of the border has a different, similar design. That might make for an interesting rug to stitch. I also like the center medallion.

Definitely more challenging. I love all the floral decorations. I don’t think I want to use a dragon or phoenix on the rug. So flowers or maybe a crane would be good?

I have over 50 motifs and designs on my computer now to look at and think about. I could do the borders with some special stitches to help it move along nicely. Should the center be done in basket weave this time so I could really have a more complex design? Do I want to stay with just blue and white threads or add touches of other colors? What motifs do I want to include and exclude? This is just the beginning – finding out what I love about the designs and selecting motifs and borders that I like – play with those a little and try to put some of them together to make a new design. It will be several months before anything is ready to start for this project, but once a month I’ll post where I am in the process so you can see what I go through.

Then I saw this rug –

Wow!  I now have my inspiration. These are the colors I will use! And I love the leaves and flowers in the corner of the center too. See you again next month for the next step in the process.


5 responses to “Finding Inspiration

  1. I’m delighted you’re inviting us in to the planning/desgn part of your process. I love all things Asian. This will be a pleasure to follow.


  2. Hi, Jan. Thanks for including us in your design process. A comment you made about loving and selecting motifs helped me to see a flaw in my own design process more clearly. The colors you have chosen are “you”. It is going to be a beautiful rug, and a joy to watch it develop. Glad you are feeling better! Sandi

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