Patti Mann #2

As long as I’m in a blue and white Oriental mood, I decided to stitch my second Patti Mann design. The one below I stitched earlier this year. It’s a 16″ square on 13 count canvas and was stitched with Silk and Ivory for the design and Needlepoint Inc silk for the background.

The companion design I bought is a 10″ square on 18 count canvas. As you can see, it’s done in shades of a brighter blue.

Since I want to put this in the same room as the first design, I pulled Needlepoint Inc silk threads in the same dark blue-gray colors. I tried them out on the lid for the center jar. I think they’ll work well and started to stitch. Sometimes  having a basketweave project on hand is good in the evenings when I’m too tired to deal with more complex designs.

This will be a good companion piece for the first Patti Mann design. I’m playing with stitches to use for the background and haven’t made a decision yet, so I’ll continue with the jar in the middle for now.


4 responses to “Patti Mann #2

  1. You and Picasso! Love both pieces because they work so well together. Your rug idea is fabulous. Basketweave is so ‘zen’ – just had to go there because of the chinese theme…..

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