Tunisian Rug – Progress 16

I started this week by completing the light gray and the dark brown borders along the outside of the center of the rug. With that done, I was able to add the small design at the two bottom corners.

With the corner designs in place, I started filling in the center background. There’s a long way to go on that still. I’ve almost completed the diamond shapes for one of the borders. The small Mosaic stitch border is done and I’ve started on the last border – the squares of 9 Scotch stitches. There’s still a lot to do and I’m not sure I can complete it by the end of the month, but I’m still working toward that goal. I try to get upstairs to stitch 4 mornings a week now. We’ll see how close I get by the end of the month. Here is the whole rug as it looks today.


6 responses to “Tunisian Rug – Progress 16

  1. Just happened upon your blog while surfing the net a bit. Of course, what attracted my attention was the mention of “Tunisian rug”. You see, I live in Tunisia. Your rug is gorgeous and your other needlepoint projects are simply stunning. I’d be hard put to pick a favorite.
    best from Tunisia!

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