Chinese Rug – Decisions Started

I showed you my inspiration for the Chinese rug last month. So Step 1 is complete. Here’s a second look.

On to Step 2 – Decide on a size and fabric to use.

I use 13 count canvas for most of my rugs and I will use it for this rug as well. Size – I usually start with 18″ X 30″ and then start to work on the design. With the Tunisian rug, the Diamond border couldn’t be larger or smaller than it was designed, so that determined the size of the rug. If I added one more repeat of the Diamonds, then I would have had to add to the square border as well. Getting the two to match up again would have added about 4 inches to the length of the rug and I would have run out of room. The Meander border that I want to use on this Chinese rug will determine the size of the rug this time. I’ll have to stitch a practice length of the Meander border and see how many stitches are needed for a repeat of the motif and for the corner for the border.

Step 3 – Choose Colors and Threads

I always use Silk and Ivory from Brown Paper Package for my rugs. I love the feel of the thread and they have a large number of colors. I’m using the colors from the rug shown above. The photo below shows the colors: Cadet, Ahoy, Classic Navy, Natural (for inside background only), Sawdust, Honey, and Dijon.

I only have a few strands of Classic Navy on hand so it’s hard to see – sorry. I won’t order the amount of Silk and Ivory that I need until I have the design more or less finished so I order the right amounts. The natural is what I have on hand to use for the background, but I’m tempted to get a half hank of Honey instead. Will have to think about that. If I use Honey (or Sawdust) for the background then I’ll only have 2 colors to use in the rest of the design and I really want to have 3 colors in that family along with the 3 blues. So final decisions on these two steps isn’t quite finished yet.

Next step will be to decide what motifs I want to use so I can start the actual design. I know I’ll be using flowers and maybe butterflies. We’ll see more about that next month. I’ve also started playing with background stitches for the inside of the rug. Maybe Oriental stitch? Need to try some others before a decision is made. So back to work.


5 responses to “Chinese Rug – Decisions Started

  1. I’m going to enjoy this series of posts, as I’ve always wanted to stitch a Chinese rug. How do you decide how much threads you need?

  2. If you use the Honey as the bg for the center, can’t the Natural become one of the neutral colors? Just asking, I’m no designer.

  3. Hi Jan,

    How about using the Natural for the design in the borders or something else in that color line? Not sure of the range…

    Love the colors!

    Windy Meadow

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