Chinese Rug – Selecting Motifs

Time to start deciding on what motifs I want to use for the rug. I have several rug books that have some Chinese rugs, a book of charted small Chinese rugs, and lots of photos downloaded from the Internet. I’ve looked over everything many times, and found some designs and motifs really resonate with me. I took little clips of some of the motifs that I like so I could try some of them together to figure out what I wanted to do.

Here are clips from 3 different rugs. The motif in the corner of the center of the rug is from the inspiration for the rug. I will need to play with the flower to decide if I want mine to look just like this one or if I want to adapt it a little to make it my own. The meander border I know I’ll be using so I need to practice stitch it to see how many stitches it needs for a repeat across the row and for the corners. The border just above the meander motif will be different in my rug. I have several ideas to try out for that part already. The flower on the bottom is another flower from a different rug. Once I’ve played around with a needlepoint version, I’ll know how many I can do on each side and then will create some scrollwork to fill in the spaces.

I’ve been looking at a lot of center medallions, mostly flowers, since I’ll be using flowers in the corners of the center and in the border. But then I found this in the center of a dark blue rug.

I fell in love with the stylized butterflies and want to do something like that for my rug. I’ll do small flowers between the butterflies and some scrollwork, etc. to fill in the spaces.

This is how I start to make design decisions. There is no guarantee that my rug will look exactly like these individual parts because it will be an adaptation of about 6 rugs that I’ve found that I really like. For many of my Moroccan rugs, I’ve done some practice stitching of motifs I liked and then played with the little stitched pieces to arrange them the way I wanted the rug to look. I’ll do that as well, but wanted you to see how you could take parts of photos and put them together to try out some of your ideas. If you don’t like a part, you can delete it and try a different part.

Let me get a start on some practice stitching and then I’ll be  back to show you how things are going.

4 responses to “Chinese Rug – Selecting Motifs

  1. I’m assuming you’ll use the actual fibers you’ve chosen thus far for the practice stitching? What do you do with the practice pieces?

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