Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 11

I’ve finished the final 2 corners of the center area of the design! And it’s not the end of the year just yet. There are hundreds of beads to sew on in this center section, but I won’t do any more beading until the piece is finished (hopefully by this time next year!). It now measures just over 9 inches square.

Though it is really a square, it doesn’t look it in the photo. I had to unscroll it a little so I could get all the parts in the photo and didn’t tighten it up all the way. The left side is sagging just a little.

Now I can start on the outer areas which will be just over 4 inches wide. I’ve been looking forward to this part – all that blue, turquoise, gold, and golden brown in floss and silk. And of course there will be a LOT of gold metallic thread as well. A mosque is stitched in the center of each side with smaller buildings forming the corners. I can’t even decide where to start – the mosque or the corner buildings. I’ve printed out the charts for these sections and the thread is all ready to go. I’ll have to decide when I sit down to stitch this afternoon.


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