2011 Comes to a close

Another year gone – and as usual, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. But I did complete 11 projects and have about 5 going right now, so I want to get them finished to share with you.

For those who don’t use WordPress for your blog, I look forward to the Yearly Summary that they send out on the last day of the year.

46,000 + people visited this blog during 2011

116 new posts and 237 photos

The most popular post was the Anatolia Motif Freebie (guess I need to do a few more freebies – you like them!)

The most comments were posted on the Finale of the Tunisian Rug.

And a special thanks to Rachel, Liz, Anne, Cynthia, and edy – they left the most comments during 2011

Thank you all for visiting this year!! I’m made a lot of wonderful friends from this blog and I’ve learned a lot from reading all your blogs too. Best wishes for a fantastic 2012 year to everyone and may you find lots of time for stitching projects!

 When I stitch, I have a Daisy cat on my left and Julius (on the right in the photo) draped across my legs. They love to keep my company and send their happy wishes to you as well.

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