Getting Organized and Patti Mann #2 – Progress 4

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Never have. But I’ve decided that 2012 is the year to get organized and get old projects done and new pieces designed and stitched. Yesterday I went up to my needlepoint room and took the 4 tote bags off the back of the grid wall and went through everything. I made a list of projects that have been started and not finished, designs that I want to create and have threads pulled already, and anything else I could find. Then I pulled the small box over that contains all the charts I have that I have not started. Some of these are small kits.

Back downstairs to the computer. I have a Mac laptop and Bento – an easy to use database program where I’m trying to keep track of all things needlepoint. I entered everything I found in the needlepoint room, one at a time. For about half of them I could only list that I had the chart and nothing else. Some I entered how much was completed, etc. Then I sorted the database by Completed Date. I can easily see everything I’ve completed in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Those that are not done have a blank space in this column and they all sort to the top of the display. There are 25 of them!! I’ve been working a lot on cross stitch lately, and really want to do some needlepoint for a while now. I brought down a WIP and one of the Jim Wurth Dodecagon ornaments that hasn’t been started. That should get me started.

Then I created a second database where I’ve listed ideas for new needlepoint designs. I wrote quick descriptions for each and if I already had all the threads or not. There are 10 entries in this database so far. Guess I’ll be busy this year!

I’ve been picking up the Patti Mann canvas a few evenings a week and working on it. I’m close to the halfway point now. Here’s how it looks today.

6 responses to “Getting Organized and Patti Mann #2 – Progress 4

  1. Sounds very organized! I like the background on the Patti Mann piece, it provides a nice contrast to the basketweave stitch.

  2. Okay, so maybe I missed something but what is the stitch in the background? I just love it. Always searching for different background stitches that don’t distract from the design.
    As always you do just beautiful work.

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