Chinese Rug – Playing With Colors

Though I don’t have all the design elements finalized, I decided it was time to play with the colors for everything. I have a cross stitch program on my May but I know that using the little squares for a design will cause me difficulty when actually stitching. So I don’t use the cross stitch software to do actual stitch designs and instructions. But this software works well for a quick study of the colors to be used for a design. Here is a mock-up of what the borders in the design will look like.

You can see that I’ve changed some of the colors since I did the practice stitching. I decided that I wanted to use the pale gold for the background around the flowers (and the butterflies still to come) in the outer border. So I didn’t want to use the same color in the next border – Meander. I’ve changed the Meander to Navy and Natural (off-white). I’ve added a one stitch wide pale blue to separate the Meander from the Wheat Stitch border. The Wheat Stitch will be done in Navy with medium blue for the Double Cross stitches. A final border over 2 threads in pale blue will separate all the border areas from the background which will be stitched in Honey.

I like this arrangement, so I can now figure out how much Silk & Ivory to order to stitch the rug. For example, the Gobelin stitch border over 2 threads that forms the first border will take a little more than one skein of thread to go around the entire rug. The center background takes about 9 skeins so I’ll order a half hank of Honey (that just over 10 skeins). That gives me a little extra, just in case. Now that I know what color each of the elements will be, I can estimate how much of each color to order this week. This is just guess work and I always order ore than I think I’ll need since I don’t want to run out of any colors while stitching the rug. I always make a list of all the threads before I start, so I can get an accurate count at the end of a project.

I haven’t shown you all the elements because I want there to be a few surprises along the way, but butterflies and leaves will join the design around the outside. I’m still playing with butterflies, but I hope to have everything ready to go on February 1st. Are you as excited as I am to get working on this?


7 responses to “Chinese Rug – Playing With Colors

  1. I love following your work. I have a question–What is the size of the piece and do you use stretcher or roller bars?


  2. Estimating the amount of threads is something I should master, but I guess running out gives me an excuse for another trip to the LNS. Of course, I have to be careful about dye lots… I like the color combination you’ve chosen, but looking forward to the stitching to see the actual colors (instead of the computer-generated rendition).

  3. The rug is coming along wonderfully. I love what you’ve done – just beautiful!

    Can’t wait to see what how it looks as you keep progressing.


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