Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 12

Since I’m working on a design for a new rug, cross stitch has slowed down quite a bit.

I decided to start with the mosque in the center of the top. I stitched most of the thin minarets on the outside and then stitched the lines that would divide the mosque into smaller sections that I could start to fill in.

As I begin to fill in the areas of the mosque with turquoise, teal and blue, I’ll add a few stitches at a time to the top of the thin minarets as well.

I’ve started the door of the mosque, stitching in two shades of turquoise to create the arch at the top of the door. The areas to the left and the right of the arch will be stitched over 1 thread on this 32 count linen. This will be a slow process for me, a new cross stitcher, but I’ll get it done. I think this is the only area that is stitched over 1 thread. And to show that this complicated design hasn’t discouraged me from doing more large cross stitch projects, I have another large one ready to go (much later this year) that is done completely over 1 thread on 25 ct. fabric. I love this design, especially the colors around the outside that I’ve just started.


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