Elephant – Progress 4

Cross stitch projects have slowed down considerably, but I’ve still made some progress. The elephant’s face is just about done and the motif above the head has been started.

The motif above the head is about a third complete so I need to work on that first. Then I can start the ear on the right side and the motif in the top, right corner – a map of Africa. This could take a while. You probably won’t see this elephant again for a month, so we’ll see how much progress I can make by then.

Next up is completing the square with the houses on the Patchwork Rug. I want that done so I can start the Chinese rug next week. It’s getting very busy here in Northern California.


2 responses to “Elephant – Progress 4

  1. The elephant will be magnificent when you are finished. This gives me some inspiration to start the elephant embroidery kit I bought at an Oakland Zoo fundraiser for its elephants during Elephant Day a few years ago. I love elephants!

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