Patchwork Rug – Square 5 Finished

I wanted to get this square (that I started early last year) done by the end of this month. Finished it this morning!

So I now have 5 of the 12 squares done. I had hoped to have the first two rows done by now and be working on the next row. I’ve had the rug exactly 2 years. Here’s a photo of the second row so you can see what I’ll be working on next. It will definitely take longer since I have the 4 inch border to stitch along the left side as well as the square.

Work on this square will be a little slower. I’ll be starting the Chinese Rug this week, so I’ll divide my upstairs time in the mornings between the two rugs.

5 responses to “Patchwork Rug – Square 5 Finished

  1. A completely different style from the Chinese rug! Congrats on completing square 5. So you’ll be stitching the flying geese square next. Slow but steady…the tortoise always wins in the end!

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