Mojave by Jim Wurth – Finale

I got all the stitching done on this Saturday evening.

That left just the beads. The original had a rusty brown for the beads, but I didn’t have any that color on hand. I tried a light amber, but they just disappeared into the design. So I pulled out my matte olive green beads and I think they look great. Each of those tiny 34 Jessicas had to have 5 beads inside and this wasn’t easy. You do 2 beads on a thread that goes from top left to bottom right. Another 2 beads on a thread from bottom left to upper right. Then you have to nest the last bead on top of the other 4. I’m not sure I like the bead stack, but after I got the hang of it I did get them all done today. So here is the final photo.

As usual with photographs, the bling of all that Kreinik doesn’t show up well. But it was fun doing a quick, small project for a change. My first finish of the year (and now one less project on the waiting list in the database).


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