Chinese Rug – Ready to Go

Do large, blank canvases intimidate you? Then starting one of my rugs might not be what you would be doing this week. But for me, there is excitement and anticipation! This will be rug #8 for me.

The canvas itself is 24″ X 36,” just a little longer than the stretcher bars that I have (which are 34″). When I tacked the canvas to the stretcher bars, I added a piece of Artist Tape across the canvas where the tacks would go to help reinforce it so the canvas wouldn’t stretch. The rug should be about 18″ X 30″ when it is completed. That gives me a 3″ border around the outside.

On the canvas you can see a skein of each color I’ll be using, and 3 skeins above the others. Those on top are Trio, a lighter weight thread also from Brown Paper Packages. I bought these so I can do some more detailed work on parts of the design. Something for all of us to look forward to (I’m still working on a couple of things). The little basket sitting on my chair holds all the thread I’ve purchased for the rug – 35 skeins of Silk & Ivory and 3 skeins of Trio. Hopefully, I won’t run out of anything. It’s always a guessing game. My first progress report will be on Saturday. See you then.


5 responses to “Chinese Rug – Ready to Go

  1. I do love a big blank canvas…but my idea of big and your is different 😳18 X 20 is my idea of big……blank is exciting. I love following your blog.

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