Chinese Rug – Progress 1

In order to get the dimensions correct on this rug, I needed to stitch the second border, Meander, first. The canvas and I had a rather heated discussion about counting stitches as I tried to get this border started. I would count out 21 threads from where I wanted to start the first Navy Gobelin part. When I had stitched 21 stitches, it was off by one. Okay, how can the canvas change its holes around while I’m stitching?!?! That’s what it felt like. I did it twice and ripped it out and then finally got it right. Wednesday was not a great start. But I finally got it right.

Once it was started, I could stitch the Natural silk & Ivory part of the Meander border and then fill in with Navy. I just needed the corner done in Navy first to know where to set up the first repeat.

I actually started the outer border first and the counting problem was trying to get the second Navy border started in the correct spot. Here is my progress so far. Not a lot, but it’s progress.

There will be 6 repeats of the Navy bars for this side of the rug. So I have 2 more repeats to go. Then I can start filling in the top Navy part and get the first of the motifs for the outer border started as well. Let’s see how far I can get by next Saturday when I’ll post my progress again.

5 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 1

  1. Whew! Sometimes the most difficult part is getting started correctly so that all the other stitching falls into place. I’m glad it finally worked out. Hope you have smooth sailing from here on. I look forward to your progress.

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