Up Next – Unfinished 9 Patch

Our local chapter of ANG (Apple Blossom Stitchers) had a President’s challenge to create a 9 Patch design in 2009. I started but never finished. So it’s up next as something I would like to complete. I had taught our group 2 of my coaster designs, so they became the first two squares of my design. In the center I decided to create a miniature 9 patch design so worked out this little square.

So this is where I will start. I’ll finish the second of my coaster designs and then start on a Log Cabin design for the next square. I’m using a Valdani overdue along with floss and #8 perle. I created the border with #8 perle, white and mauve.

Each square is 2.25″ so the whole piece will be less than 8″ square when it’s completed. I hope to complete 2 squares a week so this will be done this month.

6 responses to “Up Next – Unfinished 9 Patch

  1. The close-up makes the colors look light and bright, but the overview makes the colors look more autumn-like. I like both “colorways”. I enjoy looking at your designs inspired by quilted blocks.

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