Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 13

It’s really starting to look like a beautiful building now – all those blues.I finished the top of the two minarets, stitched the door and will have the area above the door finished the next time I pick this piece to work on it. My afternoon stitching time on Tuesday was spent working the tile design around the top of the arched doorway. This is over 1 thread on 32 count linen! I used my magnifying glass attachment to work on this and the light for some of the darkest colors, but it look great.

After I finish the background above the door, I still need to add some outlining in gold, and gold stitches on the panels beside the door and above the door. Then the door itself gets a filigree treatment. With the building done, I’ll start on the domed roof next. Lots of details, but so worth it. Hopefully by next month, I’ll be able to start working on the smaller buildings that form the corners.


4 responses to “Persian Iris Mandala – Progress 13

  1. Seeing your progress inspired me to go back to your older posts about the mandala. You have made such progress on 32-ct linen since last July! I’m appreciating the patience, tenacity and talent you have as a needlewoman!

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