Chinese Rug – Progress 2

I had two mornings this week when I didn’t get any stitching done on the rug, but I’ve still made good progress. Lots of photos today! I started the week by continuing the work on Meander. I completed the corner on the left.

This corner is nice and neat. Since the stitches for this border all face in the same direction, the corner on the right isn’t as neat. I think I’ll try to find a neater way to complete that corner. For now, it will stay the way it is stitched.

I worked on completing the Gobelin stitch across the bottom of the rug and turned the corner. Then it was time to start working on the flowers. Step 1 was to stitch the petals in light blue. I did order a lighter shade of the blue so there would be more of a difference between the two blues for the flowers.

The second step was to do some of the background around the petals. There are some gaps in the stitching of the background. They will be covered with the rest of the stitches for the petals.

Then I got out the Navy Trio thread to do a few touches and then finished up with more of the medium blue. What started out looking like a paw print now looks like a flower (I hope). And I’ll need to add a few more background stitches in the middle too.

That’s as far as I got this week. The other 3 flowers only have the light blue stitches so they will have to be completed this week. And there are two other motifs that will be added to this border along the bottom of the rug. You’ll get to see them next Saturday. Here is the rug as it stands today.


7 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 2

  1. Hi, Jan. I love the long stitches on the flowers. It really added depth to them. Thinking about your difficulty with the stitch angles in the second corner, you are going to hate me for suggesting this, but do you want to change the angle of the stitch at the center line of the rug? That way all the corners will fit evenly and look the same. I know it means taking out a lot of what you have done. You might need to think about how you want to solve the dilemma before you go much further, and have even more to take undone. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. Hi Jan: I can’t quite see the right corner of the outside border, but it looks like the last Gobelin stitch goes pass the right side border by 1 stitch. You could modify the last few stitches at the right corner so it’s a Scotch stitch, instead of doing Gobelin all the way over. Your meanders look like they end with this type of modification at the right edge. I’ve used Sandi’s suggestion of changing the direction of stitches for a recent project. I wanted the scallops at the border not to look like they had direction, so I slanted tent stitch one way from left to the middle, then the other way from right to the middle. I love the flower stitches and colors.

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