Elephant – Progress 5

I finished the motif above the elephant’s head. This motif was supposed to have some top stitching around the edges, but when I started working on that I didn’t like how it looked and decided to leave the motif as it was. And I’ve started the next motif which is a map of Africa.

And I’ve completed the top of the elephant’s head and started on the right ear. 3-4 hours a week doesn’t get a lot done each week, but progress continues. Next time you see this piece, I hope to have the map of Africa completed and the right ear done.


4 responses to “Elephant – Progress 5

  1. Hi Jan: I went back to the post where you posted a photo of the kit to compare the motif in the picture to the motif you stitched. I like that you left the outlining off the motif. It softens it a bit and doesn’t make it a focal point.

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