Chinese Rug – Progress 3

Another slow week. I hope things improve soon.

I started with the corner that I didn’t like last week. I tried a couple of ideas on the practice canvas and didn’t like them any better than the original. I finally decided that the corners don’t have to be pointed. I ripped out the pointed corners and did a regular repeat of the motif. It looks like this:

So this will be my adaptation of the Meander border. Then I redid the first corner and filled in the Navy, completing the square that is formed with a Scotch stitch done over 6 threads. I like the look of this and will continue the rest of the corners this way.

Then I went back to work on the outer border. I wanted to add crescents between the flowers but I didn’t them to come to a point at the bottom. They would be too much like the flowers that way. So I added a set of stitches to create a curve leading into each crescent. I had planned to use Trio for this but even using 1 strand of Trio it didn’t look smooth enough. So I went to my stash and pulled out some blue Splendor and went to work.

I had a lighter blue, but it made everything look like the same and I decided to use the darker blue for the crescent. I tried a shorter version also, but then all the weight of the flower and the crescent were in the middle of the border and I wanted something a little different. Hopefully the curve on the bottom and the taller version create a more balanced border. I will continue work on these 2 borders next week and add the motif for the corner as well. Now that the Meander border is settled, I want to work that around the entire rug. Then I can work on the other borders while I start the middle of the rug. It appears that this rug is going to take a while.



8 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 3

  1. Hi Jan,

    I liked how you adapted the design. Especially the stronger blue for the Crescents in the outer border.

    Windy Meadow

  2. Hi Jan,

    I am intriqued by your skills of adapting the designs of rugs, tiles and other items into such beautiful needlepoint designs.

    I like the contrast of the dark blue splendor with the lighter blue color and texture of the flowers. Just a thought though, what if you turned the crescents upside down so the heavier part is at the outside of the border. Then would the lighter part point your eye to the flower?

    Please don’t take my question as criticisim. I am trying to better understand balance and ways to lead the viewer’s eye around a needlework piece.

    Thank you for this blog!


  3. it is just so beautiful and elegant. I love the colors and your proportions are wonderful. Keep on sending pictures!


  4. I love the crescents too, Jan…a beautiful contrast to the blues in the flowers. I’m glad you worked out the corners to your satisfaction.

  5. The corners do work well now – the subtlety of the changes of stitch allows the navy border to follow the cream and also fill in the square without seeming awkward.

  6. The design is really growing nicely. And time is really of no consequence…it is the PROCESS that is so rewarding, especially for those of us watching.

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