Chinese Rug – Progress 4

I spent yesterday and today putting in the last of the motifs for the outer border – a small butterfly. I outlined it first with Dijon Silk and Ivory, then used an eyelet stitch (Splendor again) to fill in the bottom wings. The upper wings have been giving me fits. It’s very small, so there isn’t a lot of room for a fancy stitch (and it has an unusual shape) or much variety in colors. I tried basketweave with a few touches of the same medium blue and didn’t like it. I tried several other ideas and then did the Wheat Stitch in the Honey color and tied them down with the same Splendor thread. I did the background all the way around it so I could get a feel for how it will look. It’s symmetrical but the left side needs to be moved in 1 thread closer to the right side so I don’t have background stitches between the left side and the body of the butterfly. I’m still not sure I like it.

Earlier in the week, I finished the Meander Border in the right corner, finished all the Crescents and three of the flowers. I also did a tiny bit of the Basketweave over 3 threads to give me a border that I can fold back later to make this rug a wall hanging. Here’s how it looks today.


5 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 4

  1. i also think you should live with it but I am concerned that the rest of the rug is so tightly woven and tightly stitched and the butterfly has a bit of an “open” feeling. But the colors are just wonderful, the stitches are terrific and the butterfly motiff is adorable. Norma

  2. Hi Jan: I like the butterfly, and the wheat stitch you used, but I’m not sure about the Honey color of the upper wing. There is a nice feeling of translucency, but I agree with Norma about the openness of the butterfly vis a vis the rest of the rug. You have such a strong punch of color around the border with the flowers and crescents that the butterfly seems a little lost, and I love the butterfly so I don’t want it to be secondary to the rest of the border.

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