Freebie – Fez Embroidery

Important: You may stitch this design and pass it along to others. But PLEASE, it is my copyrighted design. It cannot be sold without my permission. I will create a new PDF with that information in the file as well. Thank you.

I did this little design in 2009 and decided not to do the instructions for it. Going through files yesterday, I found that I had done a little chart in cross stitch software and decided that you might like to play with it. So I created a PDF file that includes the photo of the needlepoint version that I did and the chart for cross stitch.


Click here (Fez Embroidery-free) for the free PDF file. I hope you enjoy it. And I would LOVE to see what you do with it.


6 responses to “Freebie – Fez Embroidery

  1. I shan’t be, because I’ve too much to do already, but I suggest using waste canvas to put this design on some other fabric, to embellish a cushion or a bag..

    And yes, it would be great to see what anyone does with this design!

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