Chinese Rug – Progress 5

I decided yesterday that I wanted to start the last border on this rug. So I worked Gobelin stitches over 2 threads in the light blue to separate the Meander border from the next border – Wheat Stitch border. Then today I started a few of the navy Wheat stitches and the medium blue Double Cross stitches so I could see how things look and decide if I want to make any changes before I do the rest of the border across the bottom of the rug on Monday.

I had originally planned on doing the pale blue over just one thread, but decided yesterday that I needed more of a separation between the two borders that have a lot of navy thread. Earlier in the week I finished the last flower across the bottom and filled in the background. I also worked my way up the left side of the rug with the Meander border until I reached the middle of the side. So I now know that the rug will be just a tiny bit short of 30″. Yeah! You will also see a dotted line that marks the center of the narrow end of the rug and the center of the long side of the rug. In another week I’ll move these line of thread up and across to mark the center of the rug so I can mark where the center medallion will go.

I’ll spend at least one morning each week now working on the Meander border until it is completed all the way around the rug. The off-white part of the border is a continuous line all the way around. Then I fill in the bottom half of the border with navy and finally the top half. Tomorrow I won’t work upstairs on the rug, so I’ll redesign the butterfly and have that ready to go on Monday for both corners. I’ll finish the Wheat stitch border across the bottom and start up the sides as well. In two weeks I’ll start on the center portion of the rug. I can’t wait!!


6 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 5

  1. The new border is a striking contrast with the flowing lines of the outside border – I’m looking forward to seeing the development of this rug!

  2. Jan,
    This process has been absolutely fasinating to me. I so envy you the time you are able to spend with your needlework. Thank you for the peak at your process.

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