9 Patch – Progress 2

Finally made some progress on this. In 2009, we had Laura Perin come to teach her Ribbons of Harmony. She brought along a small, free pattern for us as well – Apple Blossoms, since we’re the Apple Blossom Stitchers chapter of ANG. So I made a few tiny adjustments so it would fit into the square of the 9 Patch. It’s the first square of the second row. Then I did a Log Cabin square as well. The blossom square is light and airy, the Log Cabin heavy. Hmmm. I’ve decided it feel that way because I didn’t use any white in the Log Cabin, but I won’t tear anything out.

Now I’m working on the bottom, right corner. It’s called a 4 Patch Weave. Then it will be time to think what else to stitch for the final 3 squares. This will be back when 2 more squares are completed.


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