Chinese Rug – Progress 6

I’ve been trying a lot of stitches, trying to get those little butterflies to look right. This is what I came up with. The top of the wings needed to be darker so the butterfly would show up more in the design. So I stitched the top of the wings first with Dijon the same as the outline – using just Satin Stitch. Then I went back over that with a modified Rhodes stitch done in 2 ply of Navy Trio. I did the body in Navy Trio as well instead of the very dark Midnight. I think he’s looking much better.

On the left side, I pulled out most of the stitches and moved the left over 1 thread closer to the right side. Then restitched everything to match the new one. (The body still doesn’t look right to me so it may get done again.)

Then it was on to other things. The Meander on the left side is filled in up to the center of the side, the last border has been stitched across the bottom and started on the left side. I’ll need to add another Gobelin border in light blue above the Wheat Border and then I’ll be ready to start working on a little of the center portion. And the first border needs to be worked up the sides as well. I’ll start on the right side on Monday. Here’s how the rug looks today.


3 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 6

  1. Are you going to add any filler stitches between the shafts of wheat? There seems to be some canvas showing through.

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