Elephant Cross Stitch – Progress 6

I’m really enjoying this project. The map of Africa is now complete and I’ve been working on the elephant as well. The face is completed on the right side and the ear is almost done. You can tell the size of the ear now since I’ve stitched all the very light and very dark parts already. I just need to fill in the two medium shades of gray to finish it.

I’ll continue on the ear and get it finished. And I’ll start on the motifs just to the left and right of the face as well. I’m one third done with this project and when I finish the 2 motifs in the middle and his ear, I’ll be two thirds done. It’s moving along well and I’m happy about that. I’ll even have to scroll the canvas up a little to get things done. Yeah!


2 responses to “Elephant Cross Stitch – Progress 6

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  2. Looks great so far! Though isn’t it sometimes a little tedious to be working so much in the same colour? I always find it is. I want to branch off and use a different colour after a while, even if it makes things more complicated in the end!

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