Update on Projects

Chinese Rug – I’ve had a busy week and didn’t have much time for stitching at all. So there’s isn’t enough done on the rug to show you anything this week. I’ll get back to my regular schedule next week and start the center of the rug and have photos for you next Saturday.

Pesrian Iris Mandala – It’s been a few weeks since I showed this piece and I’ve gotten some progress done – buildings are starting to appear next to the mosque. I’ll do a post tomorrow. I have to take photos first.

Desert Tent – I told you a while ago that I now have all my projects in databases. There are about 12 projects in the design database that I want to finish designing and start stitching. Trying to get to sleep last night, one of them kept interrupting my sleep. So I guess it’s time to work on it. It just won’t go away. I’ve done step by step designing for the rugs, so I thought this project might be a good one to explain a more complicated design. Wednesday I’ll do a post on Desert Tent to explain the project and go over the challenges that have kept me from working on it until now. This is still in the very early stages and I probably won’t be ready to stitch it until this summer, so you can see my thinking and practice stitching as I work on a brand new design. For a glimpse of what is to come, check this website. www.e-mosaik.com

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