China Rug – Progress 7

7 weeks and this is moving along so slowly. Time to work on the flower in the corners of the center area. I started with the same 2 blues as the flowers in the outer border.

Then I added basketweave stitches to fill in the areas between the light and medium blue. I used a shade of blue that is between the 2 shades already used, but it doesn’t really look any different from the center of the flower. Then I added a large X in white and overstitched a smaller X in dark blue.

Then I needed to add some of the background to see how it would all look. I also wanted to see if the Giant Brick stitch would cover the canvas properly. What do you think? There are 2 photos here because I decided this morning that I didn’t like the center I did yesterday. I restitched it today with 3 stitches of white on each side to fill in the area better. Then I used a light blue to make the second X over the white stitches. I like it a lot better now. Then I forgot to take another photo of it. The photo on the right is just a small piece of the whole rug photo that I took this morning.

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on the borders (still). I’ve started the outer border up the left side. I’ve stitched the Meander border halfway up both sides (the dark gold thread marks the middle of the rug). And the Wheat border is also halfway up the left side and started on the right side. I need to spend a lot of time on the outer border to make more progress there. And those of you who have been following me for a while know I won’t let the background in the center wait until other things are done. So I will do a little of that each day from now on. It goes quickly so it will be a nice break from the Basketweave of the outer border which seems to take forever. Here is the rug today.


9 responses to “China Rug – Progress 7

  1. It is looking good. I wonder whether the coverage of the giant brick stitch is sufficient, but remember if you’ve used a flash it will highlight the canvas and bring it forward. It’s very hard to be sure with photographs.

  2. It may seem like slow progress to you, but to a non-designer like me, it seems like you’re cruising right along. I really like the new flower. The third layer with the lighter blue thread really adds to the effect.

  3. looking good, Jan. This is an ambitious rug and you are making good progress. I like your design choices…colors, stitches, placement.

  4. It is coming along so beautifully! I LOVE what you’ve done. I know if feels slow to you but it is so exciting for us to see your progress. I love the flowers!

  5. Jan love the rug and the thought process that you have so generously shared with us. But I do believe that the giant brick stitch could possibly use another thread because the coverage seems just a tad bit thin. This has been a very exciting project and I can only applaud you for doing this.

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