Chinese Rug – Adventures in Painting

Monday I went to the store and bought a small bottle of acrylic paint that I felt would match the Honey Silk and Ivory. I painted a small section of a scrap of #13 canvas and went to work stitching up a sample (after it dried for a few hours). I also stitched beyond the painted area so I could compare how it looked with and without the paint. The painted area made the yarn look a little darker, but that might be okay. The other worry – they only had one bottle of the color I selected. What if I needed a second one? I’ve never painted a canvas before and didn’t know how to decide. So I got out a bottle of white that I had upstairs and mixed a little white with a little of the Camel color I just bought. That looked better.

Friday I got brave and started painting. I had started the flower in the right corner, so had to be careful when I painted. I worked slowly and left one thread unpainted as I filled in the right hand corner of the center of the rug.

Today I headed upstairs and went to work again. I completed the flower and then started on the background. My stitching time was almost up so I decided to fill in around the flower and then stitch over to the left some more, so you could compare the two stitched sections.

Monday, I’ll rip out the three strands of Silk & Ivory around the flower on the left and paint that section of the background. I also need to do a running stitch to outline the center design so I don’t paint over that area. I forgot to take a photo of the entire rug as it stands today, but I worked a little more on the outer border and the Meander border up the right side. If I can get the Meander done all the way around the rug, I’ll be able to mark where the center background will be for the rest of the rug. Then I can paint the rest of the background in another week and have that over with.


6 responses to “Chinese Rug – Adventures in Painting

  1. You are surly adventuresome. I would never think to paint on a canvas I had already started stitching on……you go girl. I am enjoying your progress. You have inspired me to get out some sketches for an original design and get started !

  2. Much, much better!! By changing the stitch and painting the background, you now have a beautifully covered canvas. I’m so glad you did this–now the rug is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Great job. It makes so much difference. And took courage I’m sure, painting on a canvas you had done so much stitching on. It’s going to look lovely

    (in Auckland, New Zealand)

  4. Jan, It made such a difference in how your background stitches now stand out and don’t get lost in the background. What a great solution to you problem.

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