Fabulous Finale by Jim Wurth

I keep making mistakes on the mandala and have decided to take a 2 week break from working on that. So I pulled out another Jim Wurth Dodecagon to work on. This one is stitched on black 18 ct canvas.

The outline was done with #5 perle and Kreinik # 12 braid. I like the unusual framework that was stitched next. The stitches around the frame on the outside are done first and then two more sets in lighter colors were stitched next. The center is a Chilly Hollow stitch in #8 perle. i kept this photo small since it is blurry and I’m past this part and can’t take another photo.

The Chilly Hollow stitch continues in #12 Kreinik braid around the outside of the center and over the frame that was stitched.

Lots more to add in pale rust, blues, and greens. This was originally the last of the 12 ornaments, but I haven’t been doing them in order and these colors appealed to me when I was looking for a small project to work on. I’ll update this project next week.



2 responses to “Fabulous Finale by Jim Wurth

  1. I love how you’ve shown the stages gradually in this. You can really see how it builds and how perfect your stitching is! What a fabulous piece. I haven’t seen his designs before.

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