Chinese Rug – Progress 8

I started Monday morning by ripping out the background around the flower on the left. Then I went to the middle of the rug and outlined where the center design will be. With those two tasks done I was able to paint just about all of the bottom half of the rug. I’ve now stitched enough of the background to cover both of the flowers and I love how it looks.

I don’t want to stitch anything on the other half of the canvas  until I’ve marked the area off with tape. I’ve worked some of the Meander border (the white part) up the right side and will finish enough Monday to turn the corner at the top of the rug. With that done, I’ll be able to tape around the area for the center area that will be painted. I’ll outline where the two corner flowers go so I don’t paint over them. I’ve outlined the center design area, but it looks too big in relation to the rug as a whole, so tomorrow I’ll work on moving the elements of that part closer together so I can outline a smaller sized area and then paint around it as well.

Other stitching has been minimal this week. I’ve added to the outer border on the right side and changed the small corner area of the Wheat border. The Rhodes still just didn’t look right. I did two more of the stitches done in medium blue – they share some space where they meet. Then I did a simple Ray stitch to finish off the area. I think it looks better now. So here is where things stand right now.

I can finally get an overall feeling of how the rug will look. I think everything is finally coming together nicely.


4 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 8

  1. Coming together nicely is an understatement. I can stitch over a painted design pretty well, but am in awe of your ability to begin with a blank canvas and create beautiful rugs, in such exact detail, with just right shades of glorious colors. It is a treat to watch. Thanks for posting.

  2. You can see what the rug is going to look like when it is finished and it is going to be a masterpiece! I love your decisions and I am also awed by your ability to visualize and transfer that vision to canvas. I love how, throughout this project, you’ve solved problems and worked through issues to create such a beautiful and elegant piece. Well done and I am excited to see more of your progress. Happy Holidays.

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