Chinese Rug – Progress 9

Got a lot done this week, but not all of it was stitching. Monday, I stitched a little more of the white part of the Meander border and turned the corner at the top of the rug. With that done, I could mark the top corners of the center of the rug. I used Artist tape so I could quickly get the painting done without worrying about touching anything that was already stitched. I redid the outline of the medallion in the center of the rug – a little smaller than last week. I also outlined the two flowers in the top corners of the rug. Tuesday, I painted the rest of the center.

I’ll be keeping the rug set up this way for quite a while now. I’m working on just this side of the rug, doing a little background in the center each day and working on all the borders. Here’s how the rug looks today.

I want to get everything on this side of the rug up to the center by next weekend (we’ll see…). Everything goes along quickly except the Basketweave around the motifs in the outer border. So I’ll alternate a strand of Silk & Ivory basketweave and a strand of another color in a section that will move along faster. The sun is out again after a rainy week and I hope the warm weather and sunshine will get me stitching along at a faster rate.

3 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 9

  1. I can’t wait to see what the medallion in the middle of the rug looks like. You made a lot of progress and the rug is looking wonderful. Do you count each thread to center the rug and the motif’s? Your colors are just so beautiful and so rich and I love the symmetry! Keep on stitching. I love watching your progress.

    Have a good week!

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