Elephant Cross Stitch – Progress 7

I’ve slowed down quite a bit on my cross stitch projects. But I’ve gotten enough done on the Elephant to show you a new photo.

The ear on the right is complete and I’ve started working on the motif to the left of the elephant. I’ve scrolled the piece up just a little , so I’m working through the middle section now. This motif adds a burst of color to the piece.The frame is complete and I’ve started filling it in. I also got a tiny bit of very dark gray on the elephant’s body.

I want to get the frame filled in and get a lot more done on the elephant’s body before I show it to you again. Then I’ll move to the right side, filling in part of the body and adding the next motif to the right.


6 responses to “Elephant Cross Stitch – Progress 7

  1. Wow, Jan, since Progress 6, you’ve stitched in a lot of darker colors so there is now more depth to the piece. I scrolled thru to the beginning of the Elephant posts to remind myself what the finished piece is going to look like. I’m looking forward to the upcoming motif on the elephant’s left with the swirling water. Lots more color being introduced to your piece. Nice!

    • Lara,
      I bought the pattern for The Gentle Elephant from Just stitching. I’m sure you can google it and purchase it from them.

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