Lani’s Train and an Update on projects

Several people have asked about the train by Lani. I know there were more cars than the four I have, but this is all I could find about 8-9 years ago. They hang in my needlepoint room.


Patchwork Rug – scrolled a little last week so I could finish the last square in the second row. Hope to have it completed soon so I can show you.

Cross stitch – I’ve put the cross stitch away for a little while. I’m engrossed in all the new needlepoint projects that I just got. I’ll get back to the mandala and the Elephant in a few weeks.

Night in the Moroccan Desert – I’ve got out the colored pencils and have been playing a little. I need to decide how big to make the tent and that will determine everything else. I hope to have a pencil sketch to show you in another week or so.


2 responses to “Lani’s Train and an Update on projects

  1. Wow! They are great. Never seen ones like that before, although you do seem to have a much better selection in the States than we do here in the UK.

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