All Framed Up

Finally got the Patti Mann 2 framed and ready to hang with the first one in our bedroom. It’s framed using the same mats and frame. This one is a little smaller than the first one, but uses the same colors.

While I was at Michael’s, I decided to look for something to frame the Touch of Cat by Liz Morrow that I did. My husband actually found the perfect mat and frame for me. The mat is off white and has a brown band like a second mat. It brings out the brown in the ears and whiskers perfectly.

I don’t know if I mentioned the computers problems and how they were solved. Good thing I do regular backups! The computer was having a “sleep” problem. Failed all kinds of tests when they tried to trouble shoot why it wouldn’t wake up sometimes. So they erased the entire hard drive and reformatted it. They installed a new copy of the operating system and gave it back to me. An hour after I plugged in the external hard drive I use for back up, I had everything back to normal. The only problem seemed to be my RSS feeds. They brought back everything I had saved and backed up and then went out and found the last 25 messages from every RSS feed I had. So I had over 4,000 messages and saved emails, etc to go through. That took 4 days. But my Mac Baby is back to normal again.


4 responses to “All Framed Up

  1. HI Jan: very nice! If you get around to it, can you take a photo of both patti mann’s hung together?

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