Chinese Rug – Progress 13

Since I went on a Stash Enhancement trip to Alameda on Wed., I had one less day to stitch this past week. But I still made some progress.

Butterflies are starting to appear in the center medallion!

The off-white part of the Meander Border has just turned the final corner. I’ll continue to fill in the Navy  part this coming week. I’ll also work on the other borders this coming week, moving them closer to the corner to meet the Meander. I’ll add a little more to the butterflies and start the little border around the medallion to I can stitch the center background right up to the border, making it all look a little more complete.

Since I’ve just passed the halfway mark of the rug, it’s also time to stop and see how things are going thread-wise. I always write down how many skeins of each color I have on hand when I start a new rug. Now I can count how many skeins are left of each color and see if I missed the mark on ordering. One color, Sawdust used for the background of the outer border, is quickly running out and I will have to order more in the next few weeks. Everything else is fine. I’ll have leftovers of many of the colors. Practice stitching before I start a new rug doesn’t always give me a great idea of how much Silk & Ivory I’ll really need. Live and learn…


5 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 13

  1. I am loving the way this is coming together….but it is sooo big!!! Your progress keeps me progressing on my projects. Right now I am in a funk…but that will pass soon.

  2. I love the butterflies!!! How creative and cute and they are mirror images of each other. The surprise is unfolding!!! WOW! Congrats.

    Have a good rest of the weekend and if you are a mom, happy Mother’s Day!


  3. Colors remind me of my wool rug in my living room…that’s why I’m loving this rug, plus the design, of course. Love the growing center motif. Happy Mother’s Day!

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