And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who commented to help me decide which set of stitching instructions I should work on next. Let me say first that I plan on doing all 3 by the end of the year, so if your favorite doesn’t get done this summer, it will be available in the fall.

1. 5 votes for the Teal Rug

2. 5 votes for the Medallion Pillow

4 votes for the Medallion Rug

1 vote for a set of coasters to go with the Medallion pillow and rug! Great idea but I wonder when I will get around to doing them…

So I will start with Medallion. Since most of the motifs are the same for rug and the pillow, after I get the stitch diagrams done for one border I can write that section for both the pillow and the rug. That way both will get done close together. The center medallion is smaller for the pillow and that will be the last motif to be diagramed. When those instructions are done, then I can do the medallion for the rug. I’ll also have to add the Snake Skeleton border to the outside of the rug and it can be finished a few weeks later.

The Teal Rug instructions will be done in the fall.


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