Vintage Locomotive Canvas

It looks like this year will be all about trains for me when I’m stitching. I saw this canvas on eBay and just couldn’t pass it up! The locomotive is about 14″ X 9″ in size.

This is one of the reasons for the stash enhancement trip on Wed. I see this locomotive as going to a museum, so it’s been completely renovated and is all bright and shiny! So I only wanted threads there were bright and shiny. With help from the wonderful ladies at Needle In a Haystack, I have all these wonderful threads – Neon Rays, Neon Rays +, Fyre Werks, Silk Lame Braid, and Water ‘n Ice for windows. We couldn’t decide which color to use so I got white and light blue for the cab windows and yellow for the light box at the front of the locomotive where they would hang a lantern for a light way back when…

I have way to many projects going right now, so this canvas and the Elephant cross stitch will be my weekend projects.

I also bought all the threads I need to complete the Rebecca Wood 3D Train Station. I’ve been working on the roof piece for the last week and I’m about half done with that.


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