Chinese Rug – Progress 14

The center is moving along now. I used one ply of Trio (the lighter weight version of Silk & Ivory by Brown Paper Packages) to stitch the border of Smyrna Crosses. Just enough to separate the butterflies from the center background. I added the body to two of the butterflies. Then I noticed that the partially stitched butterfly wing on the left needs to be move over one space before I can do its body. When I turn the canvas around next week, I’ll take care of that. I’ll also stitch the last butterfly and finish the border for the center.

On the rest of the rug, I’ve been working on the outer border, did the navy parts of the Meander border to the corner, and worked on the center background which is now stitch to the edge of the lighter blue border. Everything seems to be moving along well right now.

Now that I can see the end of the rug, I really want to speed things up and get it done. Now where can I find a few extra hours each day to work on it…


6 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 14

  1. The combination of the borders is just stunning and that background color sets it all off beautifully. Can’t wait to see those butterflies!

  2. The white portion of the Meander border is so sharp! It really acts like a frame around the rug, giving focus to the outer border as well as the inner part of the rug. We all not only need 48 hours in a day, but we need two more hands/arms as well!

  3. The rug is just elegant and beautiful. The butterflies are so delicate – and are the perfect center! You are making terrific progress even though you wish there were a few more actual hours in the day! Keep on stitching and we can’t wait to see your progress. Have a good week!

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