Bargello Sampler – Progress 2

I finally got the top, left section completed.

You can now see all six shades of turquoise and rust that are the main colors in this piece. I made a mistake doing the first rows across the top, left. I ripped them out and then redid it properly. I can’t remember the last time I did a bargello pattern but I’m enjoying this one a lot. Just can’t find enough time with all my current projects to work on it as much as I would like. Something about all the train canvases I bought recently? I will continue working on this and get it done before the train projects.


3 responses to “Bargello Sampler – Progress 2

  1. Bargello gives such a huge variety of patterns with such a simple stitch, doesn’t it! It’s a completely different sort of interest to the interest one gets from using different stitches, but equally fascinating..

  2. I like your color combination. I am looking forward to seeing your progress as I really enjoyed this project when I did it.

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