Vintage Locomotive – Progress 1

I’ve done some research on this train from the 1800s. This canvas was painted by Anne Cram for starters. She has done 4 locomotives, but I need to put a stop on getting new projects right now.

I looked into headlamps that were used on locomotives in the 1800s. Railroad companies decided that they needed some way to light up the tracks in order to run the trains at night and move more people and cargo. In 1840 Worcester Railroad Company started using headlights with reflectors (probably candles). Some locomotives used whale oil burning through a wick burner. In 1865, Irving Williams introduced coal oil (kerosene) for headlamps. I don’t know the manufacturer of this particular locomotive but found quite a few that had the large headlamp. So my original idea of heavy metal for them was confirmed.

I started with the smokestack. I used metallic ribbons in Giant Brick stitch it. I found out when I got started that there were 4 colors in the smokestack, not 3. So I needed to find one more color. I had white, black, and silver. Going through my stash I found a Fyre Werks Hologram thread that is dark enough to use as dark gray. I don’t care for the Hologram version of Fyre Werks – too fat and too stiff. But it worked well in this piece.

Then I started on the headlamp. I wanted it to appear heavier, so I used Kreinik #8 braid – red and a very shiny gold. For the glass I used yellow Water ‘n Ice. I also bought white and blue Water ‘n Ice to use on the cabin windows and I’m not sure this yellow is best for the headlamps. I wanted it to be a light, which was probably more yellow than white in the 1800s. What do you think?

Here is the piece so far.

5 responses to “Vintage Locomotive – Progress 1

  1. I like the headlight. The only thing I would consider is adding a little white which I think would make it appear more like a lamp. Your trains are wonderful.

  2. So exciting to see the canvas being stitched, after seeing it sans threads. I like the yellow light too.

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