Chinese Rug – Progress 15

I turned the rug around this week and finished the butterfly wings and bodies and started the background. Next week I’ll continue on the background and start on the butterfly wings.

Then I got to work on the background around the medallion – got a lot of that done. And I’ve worked on the borders on this side as well. Things are going well and I’m pushing to get the borders all done up to the corner. Here it is today –



6 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 15

  1. The area that you painted really made a difference in how the same thread looks at the border and in the center. I like that contrast. Doesn’t it feel great to be more than halfway there?

  2. all I can say is WOW. I love how the colors are “popping” in the center and how you continued the light blue with the center. It is so elegant and so beautiful. You are making terrific progress!!!

  3. Jan,
    You have done so much lately I applaud all your hard work. The rug looks great. Keep my eyes open for the publication of the teal rug, as I will probably do that one.

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