Chinese Rug – Progress 16

Four months and I’m still not done. I guess I’m slowing down – in 2010 I did 4 rugs!

I started work on the center this week by stitching the wings on one side of the medallion in long Satin stitches using the same thread as the background for the center of the rug. Then I used one ply of Trio from Brown Paper Packages in medium blue to weave over and under to make the wings mimic the Giant Brick stitch of the center background. You’ll notice that the thread appears much lighter in the butterflies than the background because I didn’t paint the canvas section for the medallion. I have 4 wings done and will do the other side next week. I need to finish the Basketweave around the butterflies on this side before I turn the canvas around again on Monday.

For the rest of the rug, I’ve continued stitching the background for the center of the rug, and worked most of the borders up to the corner. Most of what is left is the Basketweave background. So I guess Monday will be a Basketweave day so I can turn the canvas around. I want to finish the center this coming week and then work on borders and the background so I can turn the canvas the narrow way to work on the last 6-8 inches. I’m going to shoot for completion in 2 weeks, but I bet it will actually be 3 weeks.


5 responses to “Chinese Rug – Progress 16

  1. As interesting a look as the woven approach to the butterflies is, I think I like the butterflies in the corner more–the darker colors pack a little more punch.

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